Alan Wake to be Withdrawn from Steam, Other Stores


Publisher says popular horror game will be withdrawn due to music licensing concerns.

Game developer Remedy Entertainment has announced that its popular horror game Alan Wake is a matter of days from being withdrawn from retail channels. If you’ve been looking to buy a copy, you’d better act fast.

Remedy has explained on its user forums that the music licenses for Alan Wake are set to expire within a few days, which means the game can no longer be sold. The licensed music is part of the game on both PC and Xbox 360 platforms. Remedy says it must withdraw Alan Wake from sale on Steam, GOG, and the Xbox Store on May 15.

The sequel, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, is unaffected, Remedy says, and will continue to be available.

Remedy has told game players that it is “looking into” licensing the music that is part of Alan Wake. Should the company renew its license to use the music, the game could return to stores. But it is not clear when or if that might happen.

Online retailer Steam has responded to the news by slashing the price of Alan Wake by 90 percent starting May 13 at 1 p.m. Eastern time. That means Steam will be selling the $30 game for just $3.

Released in 2010, Alan Wake is a horror game about an author who is caught up in the events of a book he can’t remember writing.