Facebook Expands Facial Recognition Technology

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Photo By Ink Drop via Shutterstock

Social networking company Facebook recently rolled out a new feature that notifies a user when someone posts a photo, which Facebook thinks is the account owner’s face even if it's not tagged.

The tech giant said that the new facial technology feature allows users to take control of their images posted online and it has already been introduced to most of Facebook’s global users. Facebook also shared that this technology will work only with newly posted photos, and with privacy settings that make the image visible to the user.

Facebook’s head of privacy Rob Sherman said: “We’ve thought about this as a really empowering feature. There may be photos that exist that you don’t know about.” The social network also explained that if they identified a person in the photo, it will automatically display a notification that links to Photo Review tab. There, the screen highlights the message that says: “a photo you might be in.”

Nipun Mathur from Facebook’s applied machine-learning team said that the new facial technology system does not really have a full view of the user’s face, but it is capable of recognizing a person in its 90-degree profile.

The company’s spokesman further reiterated that they currently don’t have any plan for their facial recognition products to go beyond the capacity of one that was recently launched.

Georgetown Law Center on Privacy and Technology founding executive director Alvaro Bedoya said: “Face recognition is every bit as sensitive as geolocation data, or logs of whom you’ve called.”