Google Directs Windows 10 Users to a Chrome Download Link

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Photo By  barek2marcin via Pixabay

American technology giant Google has finally embraced the idea that Microsoft is being used to download and install Google Chrome. This led Google to place Chrome on the Windows Store merely as a download link.

Google published Chrome in the Windows 10 Store, but in a way that some users have not expected. This time, the technology company has simply packaged the application for Windows 10 that automatically points the user straight to the download page. This move by Google is making it clear that they are planning to bring their own browser to the Microsoft store soon.

While Microsoft created a Centennial system that functions for packaging the current Windows app and distributing them via the Microsoft Store, Google is not following the same technique. Instead, the Chrome that will be installed is the regular version and the users will get it if they directly download from Google.

Applications from the Windows Store that browse the internet must use JavaScript engines and HTML given by Windows 10. On the other hand, Google Chrome browser has its own rendering engine called Blink.

It is not the first time that Google and Microsoft competed over platforms and browsers. Both technology companies also fought over the YouTube application for Windows Phone before.