Taylor Swift’s Social Networking App Plagued with Political Commentaries

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Photo By Tinseltown via Shutterstock

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift's new social networking app called “The Swift Life” has only been released over the weekend, but in less than 48 hours after its release, it has become plagued with political commentaries.

Several users of Swift Life have raised their displeasure on different social media platforms about the flood comments on the apps, claiming that the political commentaries belong to the supporters of President Trump, said international magazine, Fortune.

The new app contains a forum where fans of the singer-songwriter can share contents of their favorite icon. These users reportedly noted the influx of arguments relating to politics. One app user, named Britt, commented on the app that Trump supporters and Republicans have equal rights to use the app.

What made the political turn of Taylor Swift’s app interesting, said Fortune, is that even the pop singer is well-known to avoid any particular political stance. Swift also denounced the racist supporters. 

The social networking app The Swift Life is available in iOS store for a free download and it has been released within a month after the singer-songwriter released her latest song album, Reputation. Taylor Swift is also preparing to go on a world tour beginning May 2018 in support of Reputation.