Big Data Seen to Impact Businesses and Mobile App Creation

Big Data

Photo By  NEC Corporation of America via Flickr

Big Data news outlet Inside Big Data shares how big data impacts businesses and mobile app development.

According to Inside Big Data’s editorial team, big data is large enough that it provides a strong foundation for the revolution of mobile app development and also impacts the marketing structures of different businesses.

The editorial team highlights that the use of big data analytics allows the mobile application to be fast, free of bugs, attractive, and easy to use. This is because big data provides information about the customer’s wants in the application so it makes application development more customer-driven.

“Big data fuels user experience analytics,” wrote Inside Big Data, emphasizing that big data will outline the full details of the behavior of customers or users to a point that it already relays ideas to developers as to how the app will be helpful. These developers can also add features to make their app more enjoyable and usable, particularly intended for the target users.

The Inside Big Data team explained that both big data and business intelligence are transforming the path to a knowledge-based app design, where marketers can easily locate the link between the apps and the email platforms.

Inside Big Data’s president, Rich Brueckner has been named by the Forbes Magazine as one of the top 20 Big Data influencers.