Beijing Okays Road Tests of Self-Driving Cars


Photo by GeorgHH via Wikimedia Commons

Authorities of Beijing have given their go signal to allow automakers to conduct road tests of their self-driving cars in the city as part of its effort to promote usage of artificial intelligence for mobility.

The municipal commission of transport in Beijing said that they will only allow those entities that are registered in the country to apply for a Beijing road test. The commission adds that the vehicle should be capable of switching from conventional modes to self-driving and be equipped with cameras and sensors. This way, they can monitor the vehicle’s position and driving behavior, the commission added.

Beijing traffic authorities also stressed that before they allow the testing on open roads, the vehicle should pass their technical assessment which will be based on a training ground. They also shared that they have already designated certain roads to be used for the test drive and a driver is required to be seated inside the car during the test. If there will be an accident during the road test, the driver will be responsible for such.

The city highlighted to give a greater level of support to the commercialization and the development of autonomous cars.

Research institute Tencent reported that autonomous vehicles are drawing investments in China as it already reached a total of 10.7 yuan.