Apple May Merge iPhone, iPad, and Mac Apps into a Single App

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Photo By  GREGOR via Pixabay


Apple is making a massive change in the course of its direction after the company announced that it will be combining iPhone, iPad, and Macs into a single application which will work similarly in this family of Apple devices starting next year.

The technology company said that software developers can now design a unified application that will work on a trackpad, mouse, and touchscreen.  This strategy will be a part of their next major macOS and iOS updates, said a person who requested for anonymity regarding the matter in an interview by international tech daily, Bloomberg Technology.

According to the unnamed source, Apple’s secret project is codenamed Marzipan, which is planned to be a multilayer effort to introduce the unified apps to be announced early 2018 or during Apple’s yearly developers' conference. The source also said that the project may still be canceled or the implementation may be altered.

Apple’s initiative of having unified apps will be a part of a longer-term and a larger push to make the foundation of its software and hardware more similar.

A longtime voice in Apple’s circle and an app developer Steven Troughton-Smith said that merging the apps will help macOS and iOS platforms “evolve and grow as one.” Troughton-Smith continued that with such unification, the apps will not function at the expense of the other.