Chevrolet’s Infotainment Apps to Rely on In-Car Cellular Connection

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Photo by: aduz via Pexels


Automobile company Chevrolet announced that it will be updating about 1 million cars to add new applications that encompass music, sports, news, and entertainment. 

Chevrolet, an automobile division of manufacturer General Motors, said that the new app will be introduced to car owners at no additional cost. Users can get it through the app store and it will rely on the 4G LTE cellular connection already built in the Chevrolet car.

The company said that the update is available for the recent 2017 or 2018 Chevy because these vehicles are compatible with the infotainment system MyLink. In a single infotainment system, it will already include Dash Radio, NPR One, Fox Sports, People Magazine, and the New York Times. Each of these apps will appear right on the home screen once already downloaded, said the company.

The automotive company also shared that the new apps will remain greyed out as the car is turned on or starts. However, once the apps already pick up the cellular connection, the user can already choose the apps to tap or to listen to. 

General Motors’ Director of Digital Experience and Connected Vehicles John McFarland said that out of the many available app categories, they have chosen those that they think will be “most relevant while driving.”

Chevrolet claimed that their focus is to deliver bits of podcasts or other series connected to said applications.