Apple Patents Navigation System for Driverless Cars


Photo by: Pexels via Pixabay


US Patent and Trademark Office published Thursday a patent for Apple’s autonomous navigation system. 

The patent application made by Apple revealed that the company is focused on making their self-driving vehicle more efficient when it comes to navigation. Apple described in its patent application that their new navigation system will help direct the vehicle independently.

Apple’s patent also claims that the navigation of various autonomous vehicle systems nowadays is based on a static data, such as maps. It also described that most of these autonomous vehicle systems use sensors in order to identify real-time details on the elements that change every day. 

While Apple admits that static information can minimize the need of intense computing power, they have introduced a system that can direct a vehicle on its own based on the data received from any devices that are external to the car. They will also use the previous navigation data stored in the vehicle before the navigation monitoring.

Apple proposes for a technology that is computerized to predict routes using processors and sensors in the self-driving vehicle. This patent comes after international publication Bloomberg reported that Apple was employing virtual reality in testing their self-driving vehicles.

When Apple’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook confirmed last June that they are working on driverless cars, he described that it is the mother of all their artificial intelligence projects.