Haven is an App that Transforms an Android into a Security Device

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Photo by: geralt via Pixabay


American computer professional and a former Central Intelligence Agency employee Edward Snowden just released an app that will help combat the threat of IT cyber security attacks. This app, according to him, can transform an Android phone into an all-purpose sensor to detect intrusions.

The famed National Security Agency leaker, whose disclosures have fired debate about government secrecy and national security, launched the app called Haven. It is said to be an app that transforms any type of Android device into a security monitor. 

Haven uses the Android’s microphone, camera, and accelerometers in order to check any motion, disturbance, or sound of the mobile phone. For instance, Haven can be used inside a hotel room. Once the app is turned on, it can already capture audio and photos of any person entering the room even if the owner is out.  Then, the sound clips and pictures will be sent to the primary phone, alerting the owner of an intrusion.

The app also uses the Android’s light sensor that is triggered once the room turned dark or there is an unexpected flicker of a flashlight. 

Snowden said in an encrypted call with American publication Wired that “the real idea is to establish that the physical spaces around you can be trusted.”

The idea behind using a smartphone as a security device arose when technologist and Freedom of the Press Foundation’s board member Mica Lee proposed it to Snowden as a way to prevent a person of gaining physical access to a PC to hack it.

Haven is an open-source project created in collaboration with the Guardian Project and Freedom of the Press Foundation.