Nanotechnology Turns a Lightweight Foil into a Bulletproof


Photo by: rkit via Pixabay


A team of scientists from the City University Advanced Science Research Center has developed a material, called diamene, that could potentially change the future of law enforcement and military. The team claimed that the material is lightweight, but is bulletproof.

The New York-based CUNY Advanced Science Research Center’s scientists shared that they have combined two layers of graphene to create a new material that is light and soft. What’s special about the material though, said the scientists, is that it can turn out to be as hard as a diamond once a bullet or another object comes into contact with the surface.

At first look, diamene is as thin as an aluminum foil, but it becomes rigid and hard once the material is put under pressure. As the study was published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Nanotechnology, it was described that the scientists first started the project as a computer simulation. Then, they have later on adapted it to the real world by combination layers, which was subjected to pressure. The study claimed that the result of the experiment was a material with properties like a diamond.

The study also reads “Imagine a material as flexible and lightweight as a foil that becomes stiff and hard enough to stop a bullet on impact.”