Of Deezer, Deezloader, Deezer Download, Deeze and Stream Rippers

Apps and Software

Photo by: Bencope via Wikimedia Commons


Recently, the Recording Industry Association of America or RIAA won a lengthy legal battle against YouTube-mp3.org for copyright infringement. As a result, the company agreed to shut down and even hand over the site's domain to a major record label. 

In a report by RIAA last October, the piracy problem is still far from being over with stream ripping websites still available and even "doubling down." Some of these stream ripping websites are MP3Juices.cc, Convert2MP3, and FLVTO. One can even find stream ripping guides on Google.

The popular software application Deezloader, for example, can download tracks and playlists by using a flaw in Deezer API. An embedded search engine in the software will look for tracks in Deezer's server where the music are stored One can also easily download a full album and custom playlists. 

Deezer took the fight against the popular stream rippers which took them over a year to take down Deezloader, DeezerDownload, and Deeze. 

The French-based streaming platform was able to shut down a dedicated Deezloader subreddit where the application was being freely distributed. Then it issued a Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA to the development platform GitHub and gave the company a takedown notice. 

GitHub gave an immediate response by taking down Deezloader, Deezer Download, and Deeze, including forks of the applications. Now, users who want to access the repositories see a notice of unavailability due to a DMCA takedown.