AT&T Sheds More Employees but Hires Foreign Workforce

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Photo by: Luismt94 via Wikimedia Commons


American telecommunications company AT&T announced this week that it will be laying off more than a thousand American employees, combining both manpower from the South and Midwest, but will continue to employ foreign labor.

AT&T’s plan of shedding out its workforce composes 600 Americans from the Midwest, 700 from its subsidiary DirectTV, and another 700 employees from the Missouri and Texas regions, said American news provider Breitbart News Network. However, the company will continue to bring in more than 150 foreign workers to the United States to assist the company with high-paying IT jobs. 

The layoff has reportedly impacted Americans in Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Florida, California, and Connecticut. The AT&T employees are expected to be given a pink slip or a notice of dismissal from their employment.

AT&T’s subsidiaries continued to hire foreign workforces via H-1B visas.  This type of visa often signifies the plan of multinational corporations to outsource American jobs. The news said that it allowed the companies to pay foreign workers at a cheaper price or to reduce the cost of labor.

“We’re adjusting our workforce in some of those areas as we continue to align our workforce with the changing needs of the business,” the news provider was told.