Nvidia Restricts Use of its Graphic Cards

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Photo by: JacekAbramowicz via Pixabay


Technology company Nvidia wants to restrict the unwanted use of its Titan and GeForce graphics cards.

The California-based company confirmed that there will be a change in the licensing agreement of their driver software linked to the graphics processing units of Titan and GeForce. This update is meant to discourage the use of selected GPUs in the data centers.

The company also said that the key change will not apply to the GPUs of Tesla line, which is available from Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services cloud providers. It highlights how GPUs are among the top choices for researchers of artificial intelligence and it allowed them to increase the company’s stock price by up to 85 percent.

Nvidia’s spokesperson wrote in an email: “Working together with our user base on a case-by-case basis, we will be able to resolve any customer concerns.” The email also explained that the new terms will not be extended to those who will not opt to download the new drivers.

The spokesperson shared that there are various reasons why companies would use Tesla GPUs in data centers. For example, it offers longer life expectancy and support. If the customers would, however, use the two GeForce and Titan GPUs inside the data centers, they may choose to talk to the company’s sales department.

In its statement, Nvidia said that the two GPUs were not really created for data centers with complex thermal, software, and hardware requirements.