Big Data and e-Commerce Shape Master’s Degree Courses in Hong Kong

Big Data

Photo by: Startup Stock Photos via Pexels


Hong Kong universities have started offering master’s degree programs that focus on the impact of e-commerce and big data technology in everyday use.

Two master’s degree courses at Hong Kong universities center on the impact on both the society and the economy. These courses are the master’s degree in e-commerce and the master of science in big data technology.

George Baciu, a professor of Polytechnic University in Hong Kong and program leader for the school’s e-commerce program, said that more Hong Kong consumers are embracing platforms of e-commerce when it comes to purchasing products. They are also using e-commerce in customer feedback, product rankings, and in other apps developed in the country.

Baciu explained two pathways in the e-commerce program. One of which is to focus on the technical route, including intelligence information systems, quality assurance and software testing, and big data computing. “One of our most popular courses is big data analytics, which we had to expand in order to accommodate the demand,” he says.

Another professor and program director from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chen Lei, explained that big data technology has an impact in our lives, such as when doing online shopping. The recommendations arrived with the help of big data manipulation. Big data is also used in the traffic management system and credit risk assessment, he adds.

Chen said that students taking up the courses discover big data’s major components. This includes computing systems, social implications of the technology, mining systems and analytic, computing systems, management, storage, integration, and infrastructure.