Human Mimicry: Kengoro Robot Works Out Like Humans Do


Photo by: LouisBauer via Pixabay


University of Tokyo’s researchers have designed a robot that is capable of pulling off a training montage, something that an individual does in building oneself in preparation for a battle or for building strength.

Designed from the university’s Johou Systems Kougaku laboratory, the robot named Kengoro can do his robot workout routines. This includes standing on his toes, doing pull-ups, and hitting a tennis racket. The researchers shared that they wanted the robot to not just appear as a human, but can also move and walk like one. To make it happen, they have anatomically corrected the robot’s musculoskeletal structures, like the body mass and its spinal joints.

As detailed in the team’s paper, the robot also has a sweating feature to avoid the machine from overheating during its workout. They achieved it by punching small holes in the robot’s bones, which are made of aluminum.  This is where they designed a porous frame that moves the water just as the robot performs its workout, said the team. They also explained that the water cools down the robot once it reaches the outside skeleton level, taking away the heat.

The researchers also wrote in its latest paper that Kengoro is capable of performing more than 100 kinds of actions. They refer this feature as the degrees of freedom -- a feature that made Kengoro a record holder as a humanoid robot.