Security Tips for Home Devices

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Photo By Monoar via Pixabay

There's worry in this age of the Internet of Things, that the web will be much more convenient for everyone as everything will just be connected and available at the press of the keyboard or phone. The IoT also has its issues as experts worry about hackers being able to access unsecured smart home setups which could inconvenience some but can also be of real danger to others. There are a lot of viruses, malware, and trojans that are lurking in the IoT and ransomware can shut down your gadgets if you don't pay.

This is the concern of Apple as they unveiled their HomeKit smart home framework. They know there will be a lot of hackers in the IoT and they've prepared for it. Most IoT setups are secure but with attackers knowing that it is a good place to transmit malware and other unwanted programs, it is good to secure the homeplace and be prepared for the unexpected. One shouldn't panic however as gadget makers are strong in security and particularly Apple. There are still flaws and not everything is perfect.

With HomeKit, it enables locks, security cameras, curtains, lights, thermostats, and other third-party products to be controlled via the Home app on an iPhone or iPad. They've also made up a guide to HomeKit security to help in securing the home. They say that HomeKit is very reliable and that it plays to be safe.

Apple's tips for home security are...

- Prepare for the worst - as one should have the best security as being compromised will give a lot of headaches. HomeKit devices can be used in a tiered approach like starting with convenience-based devices which will not be that catastrophic if compromised, to critical devices like door locks.

- Prepare fallbacks for critical devices like having a non-smart spare lock if the smart lock fails and a number of storage heaters on hand. 

- Regularly check for iOS updates as there may still be bugs and flaws in software and you need to patch them up quickly.

- Use devices from reputable manufacturers only. 

- Check privacy settings. This can be done in the settings app by scrolling down and tapping HomeKit. 

- Be cautious about sharing access to the network. It's important to give access only to those you trust.

It's important to secure one's home devices and accounts by having a good password and password discipline. And so, protect your linked devices and accounts as hackers can easily control devices via iPhone or iPad and through your Apple accounts.