Tomato-Harvesting Robot Introduced by Panasonic


Photo by: stevepb via Pixabay


It has been a decade ago since robots work on the production lines, but this new Panasonic robot technology has even become more sophisticated, combining AI, an image sensor, and a camera to perform its tomato-harvesting duties in the farms.

Electronics industry company Panasonic unveiled a tomato-harvesting robot at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo Big Sight convention center. It prides the robot’s ability to cut tomatoes and choose only those that are edible or will soon be ripe.

Panasonic also claimed that their robot matches the speed of the human worker, which means that it can harvest a total of 10 tomatoes in a minute. A benefit of this robot, said the company, is that it does not need a break when working. This capability allows farms to have possible gains. While the robot is not as perfect as to not drop the tomatoes when cutting from the vine, its arm is built with an AI system that works in fast movement. The technology is also designed to ensure efficient cutting of each tomato.

The robot can also function when attached to the farm’s rail system. That way, it can quickly move in different directions. As of now, Panasonic has not released an official statement as to when the robot will be available to farms.