Peanut, An App for Mom Friendships

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Photo via Pexels


For a mother, it’s not always easy to make friends. This is what an app maker recognized and thus, a technology was created that will make it more convenient for mothers to connect with other moms. Introducing the Peanut app for moms.

Although the app is no longer new, it now is beginning to make waves in Florida. It works by connecting potential friends with the use of a swiping mechanism. Users will just have to wave to a mom and when the other user waves back, then they become a match. It focuses on assisting users to find other like-minded mothers who have shared interests, including the language they speak, whether they love outdoor adventures or not, and the nature of their work.

The app also displays the age of their children, so mothers can ask if their kids can have a playdate.

Peanut’s co-founder Michelle Kennedy, who is a parent herself, said: “I actually think the political climate right now demonstrates the need to hang out and need to connect with women [who] are like-minded and share your values, more than ever.” She described the difficulties of making female friendships right after motherhood. Kennedy shares how she has gone through the same transition as a woman when she gave birth to her son.

In an American talk show, Today, it revealed a poll that 82 percent of mothers claim that it is not easy for them to establish mom friends because they are always busy with the kids, the carpooling, and the cleaning.