National Program Aimed to Boost Use of Nanotechnology in Cuba


Photo by: AndyLeungHK via Pixabay


Cuban researchers have developed a program to boost the services and products based on nanotechnology in the country. This program was presented right at the country’s Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment.

Research and group coordinator Luis Felipe Desdin claimed that the objective of the National Program of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology is to contribute to the potential of nanotechnology and nanoscience in Cuba, a country in the Caribbean. This program, he said, will also help fulfill the country’s National Plan of Economic and Social Development targeted to be achieved in 2030.

Desdin said in a press conference that their goal is to boost the services and products in Cuba based on nanotech with an added value that contributes to the newly-introduced exportable products. The Cuban project is also hoped to develop nanosensors to control the quality of water by detecting the pollutants and for biomedical applications.

Desdin specifies that their nanotechnology program is intended to achieve nanostructures and its potential use as therapeutic agents in treating chronic noncommunicable diseases, such as aging-related diseases and cancer.

Research and development projects made by specialists were also joined in the program presented to CITMA. Most of these research seeks to handle the challenges of the society of Cuba in the years to come.

The committee of experts will select the project which they deemed worthy according to their impact, relevance, and novelty for the country.