Is it Battlefield 2018 for Bots?


Photo by: CCO Creative Commons via Pixabay


With AI advancing rapidly and the Internet of Things open on all fronts, experts are warning that this year could be the year that we will see the battle of artificial intelligence as AI can also be in the hands of hackers. This can be the “next stage in defenders versus attackers,” says Dr. Adrian Nish, head of threat intelligence at BAE Systems. We could be seeing soon an IoT battlefield with bots attacking others as hackers also incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence just like those for network defense.

They envision scams like phishing messages that will be no different from the real ones but which have the capability to evolve and learn new tactics so that they can easily deceive just anyone.

The advanced software will be able to detect changes in the way a person writes and use them in phishing messages.

Others like Asaf Ashkenazi of security company Rambus say that this software could just sabotage data in devices like smartphones and tablets and not have to steal them. He says that "If security isn't internally integrated, then these IoT devices will be low-hanging fruit for attackers.”

By 2020, there will be some 95 percent customer service and AI interactions, says Servion, a customer service company, as they show how much growth there will be in just two years alone. Rapid growth is expected this year.

There will be advances in biometric identification, speech recognition, and neurolinguistics. Shashi Nirale of the same company says that “as we interact with businesses and brands via voice, our experiences will become increasingly conversational and human-like.”

And so it seems that 2018 can be the beginning of these bot battles.