Voice Social Network HearMeOut to Launch IoT Tech for Cars


Photo by: CC0 Public Domain via Max Pixel


Voice Social Network HearMeOut will be launching an Internet of Things device for vehicles, enabling the use of the voice-based social media app while driving.

The Israeli-based company said that the prototype will be released at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January. It also notes that their app allows people to put a unique signature for their interactions on social media and the device allows users to communicate in their genuine voice.

HearMeOut said that their technology enables users to listen or share a 42-second audio through the native feed of their platform or in other linked social networks. The so-called HOOP device that will be launched at CES 2018 allows users to use the voice-based app in vehicles that are not built with connected car tech. The company said that HOOP is suited with any car and works on the steering wheel, so drivers can just conveniently drive while both of their hands are on the wheel driving.

The company also stated that the device was created by a leading wireless chipset provider, DSP Group.

The HearMeOut voice social network app was recently ranked as the 50th highly competitive app in the social network category on the Apple Store. Other high ranking apps are Skype, WeChat, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.