Autopilot for the Travel Agent


Photo by: CCO Creative Commons via The Blue Diamond Gallery


You can have clients using your services for all sorts of booking transactions but when they are being flooded with all sorts of offers and advertisements from cruise lines to tour operators to OTAs, then you have a problem with being on top of their minds.

Relevance and being on top is very much important in our IoT world where everything seems to fly. But with the Agent Studio Marketing Center, it could be much easier. 

Agent Studio is a website building tool for travel agents that can automate your social media, integrate email marketing tools and online booking, and turn out engaging website content among others. 

The Agent Studio platform also "partners with leading travel suppliers and destinations," says an article in This enables the travel agent to capitalize on co-op marketing emails branded with one's agency name. 

The Agent Studio Marketing Center email marketing feature is easy to use and all one has to do is to add their contacts and set the marketing on autopilot and it will do all the heavy lifting for you.

And so it seems that you can now sleep peacefully and soundly as your clients are reading your offers and emails so that they don't forget to book from you as they used to have.