Gesture-Controlled Steering Wheel Concept in the Works for Driverless Future


Photo by: Jahoo Clouseau via Pexels


ZF German company is working its way to improving the future of the driverless car. Recently, it announced that it has developed a gesture-controlled steering wheel concept, wherein the drivers can take full control of the car by just using gestures.

The company that has previously explored the use of airbags in driverless cars has shifted its attention toward the use of gesture control in cars. It suggests that swiping function may activate the car climate control and a one-tap motion can honk the vehicle’s horn.

ZF claimed that the heart of their newly-developed steering wheel is the 7-inch flat-panel display. It also has a light strip that indicates if the car is in manual mode or driverless. It cited an example that if the strip turns red, then it signifies that there is an impending danger. The company also highlighted that the device allows the driver to smoothly transition driving from manual to autonomous and vice versa. 

ZF’s vice president of engineering for the steering wheel concept Jurgen Krebs said, "As new automated functions become more commonplace, advanced technologies employed in the steering wheel are more important.” He also said that it can improve the awareness and safety of the driver.

The steering wheel also features 10 capacitive sensors that correctly detail if the wheel is being gripped by the driver or not, as reported by American daily Huffington Post.

There is no statement from the German company when their device goes into production.