Nanotechnology-Inspired Innovations by South Korean Universities Lauded


Photo by: Public_Domain_Photography via Pixabay


College students from South Korea were recently recognized for introducing new ideas and nanotechnology-based inventions which are yet to be launched to the market.

South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT awarded on Thursday 10 students from different universities in the country as a recognition of their innovations and ideas of applying the country’s present nanotechnology techniques into the real world.

The ministry collaborated with startup Maru180 last month to host a competition to support and discover business ideas that are based on nanotechnology. The ministry said that they introduced details about the present nanotechnology techniques owned by the country’s top research about science and technology. They then asked the university students to come up with their own ideas about the products that can be realistically built based on nanotech.

Daejeon-based Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology garnered the grand prize for their anti-drunk driving steering wheel. It is an innovation that combines nanostructure-based gas sensors with 3D printing. The steering wheel is featured with a nano-gas sensor that detects the amount of alcohol or ethanol of the driver based on his breath. Once the technology confirms that the driver is drunk, it provides a warning and turns off the engine automatically. 

The Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology got the gold prize award. The team created a smart pillow that aids in molding the head of a newborn baby to its right shape. According to the UNIST team, it detects the skull shape of the baby based on the pressure amount. Then, the pillow deflates or inflates according to the required corrections.