Kohler Numi is an Internet-Connected Talking Toilet


Photo By  midascode via Pixabay

American manufacturing company Kohler introduced Numi, an internet-connected toilet, during the four-day International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It is said that Numi is a toilet that can talk and respond to voice commands.

Combining engineering, design, and technology, Kohler Numi goes beyond the normal toilet flushing. Kohler said that a person can make requests on the built-in Amazon Alexa, which is developed with a voice interaction technology. The company also highlighted during the event that their talking toilet responds to Apple Siri and Google Assistant to lift the toilet seat on its own. The technology also operates the bidet spray configuration to freshen up the user.

The company claimed that there is no microphone in the toilet but it is designed with speakers to let the user play his or her favorite music or tunes while sitting. Another capacity of the internet-connected toilet is that it keeps track of the actual water usage for water efficiency.

Kohler wrote on its website that the toilet delivers “the finest in personal comfort and cleansing.” It also notes that Numi is the company’s new standard of excellence in the bathroom. The Numi intelligent toilet is also built with a sensor to know if a user is approaching. Once it detects a user, it offers an auto-warming seat.

In the same way, Kohler has previously unveiled the PerfectFill technology that is used in the bathtub to allow the users to set the temperature that they prefer or to just to simply order the bathtub to run the water.