Facebook's “Portal” Gadget May Use Facial Recognition as Account Login Option


Photo By  geralt via Pixabay

Facebook is currently developing a social device called Portal that requires the company to put up its own cameras and microphones into people’s homes to allow users to log into their accounts without keying in their passwords, as published by TV network, Cheddar.

Believed to be Facebook’s way of entering the consumer hardware business, Cheddar claimed that the Portal product will be put on the market as a direct competition to Amazon Echo’s voice-controlled gadgets. Portal is meant to work in people’s homes and represents the company’s first serious attempt to sell consumer hardware to people.

Cheddar also said that Facebook plans to pitch their gadget as a social device -- one that will keep people in touch with their family and friends via their social media platform. The report also revealed that Portal will link other third parties services such as Netflix and Spotify.

Portal will reportedly emerge from the company’s laboratory, Building 8, that is said to also work on a new mind-reading technology.

While there is no official comment from Facebook as of the moment, the company’s vice president Andrew Bosworth posted on its Twitter account that he “can confirm it’s going to be an exciting year for AR/VR,” referring to augmented reality and virtual reality.

According to the news, the Portal gadget will be equipped with microphones and a 15-inch touchscreen to respond to the user’s commands.