This Skullcap Gadget lets You Drive a Car with Your Brain Waves


Photo by: FranckinJapan via Pixabay


Japanese automaker Nissan unveiled its Brain-to-Vehicle Driving research gadget that will allow vehicles to be driven using signals that are emitted from the brain of the driver.

Pushing for a campaign of delivering innovation that excites, the B2V technology is believed to speed up the reaction time of the drivers. Nissan also said that it will someday make driving cars more enjoyable.

The Japanese company shared during the CES 2018 that B2V technology is a part of their latest development, wherein the driver will wear a skullcap that contains electrodes. These electrodes, said the company, is responsible for transmitting the brainwave activity of the driver and will influence the braking system, acceleration, and the steering of the car.

Nissan’s senior innovation researcher Lucian Gheorghe said, “We imagine a future where manual driving is still a value of society.” The 40-year-old doctorate in applied neural technology also notes that the feeling of joy in driving is something that human beings should not lose.

According to the company, although the driver will still hit the gas pedal or use the wheel, the car can already anticipate the movement in advance and will start the action in 0.2 seconds or 0.5 seconds ahead.

Nissan also shared that they will be releasing an autonomous vehicle in the year 2022, wherein the skullcap gadget can distinguish the discomfort and preferences of the driver. That way, the car can also accordingly adjust and then switch back to manual driving.