Trump Administration Plans Release of New Guidelines on Self-Driving Cars


Photo by: AgnosticPreachersKid via Wikimedia Commons


US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced that the Trump administration is planning to release revised guidelines on self-driving cars to be rolled out this summer.

Chao said that the government is already set to rewrite the regulations of self-driving cars, claiming that they will revise the part that poses legal barriers to the autonomous vehicles. She also notes that it will also address not just self-driving cars, but also the autonomous technology for trucks, transit, motor carriers, and other models.

The official further hailed the potential of autonomous vehicles to drive growth in the economy and a continued goal to improve the safety of the automotive technology. She also highlights that the automakers should ensure that their technology is accessible to people living in the rural areas. “We want to be inclusive as well and consider how this technology can benefit rural America,” Chao commented, considering that not everyone is living downtown.

She recognizes that the technology already exists and the question lies on how the government will regulate it or promote such innovation. They also want to continue to safeguard the safety of people. 

Chao claims that the goal, for now, is to remove the unnecessary obstacles in the integration and development of the technology. “Our approach will be tech-neutral and flexible,” she adds.