Blackberry Debuts Cybersecurity Software for Driverless Cars

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Photo By Ben Stassen via Flickr

Canadian software company Blackberry recently unveiled its own cybersecurity software called Blackberry Jarvis and it works for autonomous cars. Its primary work is to detect vulnerabilities in automotive systems.

Although the company claimed that their software could be of use for industrial automation and in healthcare, the company stated that they are primarily marketing Blackberry Jarvis to automakers. They added that the automakers are the target market that will power their efforts. 

Blackberry also announced that they will offer the Jarvis software as a pay-as-you-go system, where clients will pay for the service before being used. The company added that once they have initiated the software, automakers will automatically gain online access where they can scan files regardless of the software development stage.

Blackberry highlights that they have already tested the cybersecurity software with automotive manufacturer Tata Motor on its Jaguar Land Rover. Tata Motor’s chief executive also notes that the Jarvis software reduced their time needed in accessing code.

Earlier this January, Chinese internet giant Baidu and BlackBerry also agreed to jointly create a driverless car software, resulting in a boost to Blackberry’s shares by as much as 7.8 percent in the New York Trading. Blackberry also confirmed an automotive-related agreement with telecom equipment company Qualcomm that is also the auto supplier of Ford Motor and Denso.