Cluttered Facebook Messenger to Go for Simplicity this 2018

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Photo By dennizn via Shutterstock

One of the leaders of Facebook Messenger admits that their instant messaging service app is now too cluttered, saying that the company went overboard in introducing new features into the app.

Facebook’s VP of messaging products David Marcus shared in a blog post that the app is now too cluttered and that they are planning to fund in massively streamlining and simplifying the FB messenger this 2018. He said, “Over the last two years, we built a lot of capabilities to find the features that continue to set us apart.” However, he added that some of these features did not find the market fit.

Marcus joined the company in 2014 to be the head of Messenger. This was shortly before Facebook announced of the split of the Messenger app from its original social media app, requiring users to download two separate apps if they wanted to view their Facebook messages and use the social media platform. Since then, the users of the app increased to 1.3 billion users per month.

In 2014, the company also added features, including a gaming platform, customer service bots, ephemeral stories, and payments. When the app ended up so bulky, the company decided to create a lite version for Android users.

Meanwhile, the social network company declined to comment about the specific parts of the app that they consider cluttered.