New App Lets User Disconnect with Technology and Reconnect with Life

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Photo By bruce mars via Pexels

A new app called Thrive has been recently released to help people disconnect from their mobile devices, as developers recognized that most of today’s generation are glued to their phone screens even while they are outdoors.

With a mission to end the burnout and stress epidemic by providing an idea of how to maintain a healthier relationship with technology, the app developer Thrive Global introduced the Thrive app that will assist the users to disconnect from their gadgets. 

Among its core features is the Thrive Mode, wherein it blocks all notifications, texts, and calls. However, users have the option to put people on a VIP list so they can still receive calls and text from these VIP people. Another feature of the app is that it has Auto Reply option that lets friends know that the phone owner is currently taking time away from the gadget or phone and it also indicates the time the person will be available again.

Thrive also features the App Control that helps users set goals, such as monitoring the usage of every app on the phone. It wants the user to leave a life that is least distracting. 

“The Thrive App helps you take back control by giving you the tools to set boundaries with technology,” wrote Thrive Global in its page.

The app is available for iOS and Android users.