Ten Years Ago, Steve Jobs Introduced the First MacBook


Photo By  Markus Spiske via Pexels

Exactly 10 years ago today, Apple founder Steve Jobs unveiled the first MacBook Air and changed the future of laptops. “It’s the world’s thinnest notebook,” said Jobs as he unveiled the MacBook Air in front of the crowd, which caused the applause of many people.

The time when Jobs pulled out the ultra-light gadget out from his manila envelope was only days after the International Consumer Electronics Show. Immediately after that event, rival companies introduced light and thin laptops in the market. Most of these laptops had 8- or 11-inch display sizes and weighed about three pounds. However, Apple still managed to develop a laptop that makes the thickest part of the laptop its thinner version. It was even thinner than the Sony TZ Series which ranked as one of the thinnest laptops in 2008. MacBook Air was also considered by many as a remarkable engineering feat and it directed the generation into a new era of gadgets.

Apple also removed some ports on their thin MacBook and introduced SSD storage and a multi-touch trackpad. Alongside this, there was a built-in headphone jack and a micro-DVI. Such innovation made the technology company raise the standards for today’s laptops.

It also took years before laptop makers of  Microsoft’s Windows caught up with the said innovation, while Apple continued to gain winning praise from its users and product reviewers. Then, years passed, the rivals finally surpassed Apple’s technology by introducing a laptop with a much better display, superior design, and has the same Apple trackpads. Undeniably though, Apple continues to sell their MacBook Air and some technology spectators are watching how Apple will once again surprise people with their new invention.