US Lawmakers, Automakers Express Hope for Passage of Driverless Car Bill


Photo by: DanielReche via Pixabay


US lawmakers and automakers have expressed their hope that the Congress will soon pass the bill aimed at speeding up the entry of autonomous cars in the market, even if safety advocates contend for more safety requirements.

In September last year, the US House of Representatives already approved the self-driving car bill, which will allow autonomous cars on the road even without a human driver. In October, the Senate committee also approved the legislation. However,  when the Democrats raised their safety concerns, the progress towards the bill’s approval did not continue.

During the auto show in Detroit, automakers and Congress members acknowledged that it may take few months or more than that before the bill will be approved by the Senate and will eventually be signed into a new law. This same group of people also said that there is a strong support for the approval of the bill, as reported by Reuters.

US Representative Greg Walden commented that “It just needs to get done,” referring to the self-driving car bill. 

Automakers Toyota Motor Co., Alphabet Inc., and General Motors Co. also lobbied for the legislation. If approved, the bill will enable automakers to sell as much as 80,000 self-driving cars yearly and if it proves to be a safe vehicle, the sales prediction will be a reality.