Skygofree is an Android Trojan with Powerful Spying Capabilities

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Photo by: marionberaudias via Pixabay


Cybersecurity company and anti-virus provider Kaspersky Lab reported that their team recently discovered a Trojan called Skygofree and defines it as a new Android malware that has powerful spying capabilities.

According to the report, Skygofree is capable of tracking the location of the phone and can turn on the audio recording of the device without the owner’s knowledge. This means, said Kaspersky, that attackers can potentially listen to the conversation of the victims if they have an infected tablet or smartphone.

Another reported capability of Skygofree is that it can secretly connect the infected phone to a nearby Wifi network and let the phone’s traffic be analyzed and gathered. The cybersecurity team claimed that the attacker will know what sites that victim is looking at or what card numbers, passwords, and logins were used.

The malware can also secretly turn on the front cam of the phone and take a picture even the user has already unlocked the gadget. In a report published by Kaspersky, they wrote that “one can only guess how the criminals will use these photos.”

The report also recommends users to protect themselves against the advanced Trojan by installing apps only from the main or official stores. The cybersecurity team advises smartphone users to check their phone settings and disable the option of installing phone apps from third-party sources. Users should also pay close attention to app names, whether they are misspelled or have a small number of past downloads because these are already warning signs, said the team.