Twitter to Notify Users Who Saw Russian-Linked Contents

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Photo by: CC0 Public Domain via Max Pixel


Twitter announced that it will inform its users if their accounts were exposed to posts that were secretly made by Russians during the  2016 US presidential campaign. This is according to American political newspaper, The Hill.

Twitter’s director of US public policy Carlos Monje said during the Senate Committee hearing that their company is already in the process of identifying and individually informing the users who may have seen posts that are linked to Russian accounts. Monje said, “We will be rolling out our response shortly.” 

Monje also claimed that the Twitter alert will only be limited to affected accounts that were created by the Russian Internet Research Agency in order to disseminate posts or contents that were aimed at influencing the Presidential election and sparking divisions among social circles. He further said that Twitter already improved its capability to remove and detect accounts which are maliciously automated.

Facebook also developed a portal wherein its social media users can learn if they have followed or liked accounts made by the IRA. Facebook’s Head of Global Policy Management Monika Bickert shared that they deployed a mix of human review and technology to disrupt the false news and assist its users in seeing the authentic news.

Alongside Twitter and Facebook, Google’s YouTube also faced the same committee hearing about their social media efforts in fighting terrorism and over issues that their online platform may be influenced by the Russians.