World Wi-Fi App Detects Wifi Hotspots through Phone’s Camera

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Photo By Andri Koolme via Flickr

A new phone app called World Wi-Fi app has recently been released to help users check nearby WiFi hotspots using only their phone’s camera.

Created by Global telecom firm Norwood System, the app lets users locate hotspots, especially if they are outdoors, and look for places to connect to the internet. It enables users to detect available Wifi with an augmented reality look, like how Pokemon Go is being played. Then, once users detect the Wifi, they can automatically connect to such public hotspot.

Norwood’s founder and chief executive Paul Ostergaard highlights that the app has a high-quality mapping that protects the privacy of the users through a Virtual Private Network. He said that the VPN technology itself encrypts the data that are sent to the Wifi networks, which means it minimizes hack risks.

Ostergaard defines that the app drops pins on locations with wifi connections and even enable users to access the offline maps. “We’ve had a number of other telcos tell us that they’d like to explore possibly using World Wi-Fi to match or exceed that offer to their customers,” said Ostergaard.

The chief is expecting to target their loyalty and travel program partners and other telecommunication companies to add their network to the app. Ostergaard also suggests that these companies may choose to use the app as a part of their own reward program.