Google to Make AI more Accessible to Developers


Photo by: kalhh via Pixabay


Artificial intelligence will not any more remain as Google’s secret sauce. On Wednesday, the technology company claimed that they will make their AI more accessible to every developer in the hope that it will help the less-skilled engineers in building their own AI systems.

Google said that they are sharing their Cloud AutoML, a tool that will assist users to train their machine learning algorithms by simply dragging and dropping a set of photos. With the use of such tool, users no longer need to write a programming code. Google understands that creating and optimizing deep neural network algorithm usually needs a comprehensive understanding of code and math and this level of difficulty has created a competition in recruiting a person capable of doing the codes.

The tech giant explained that the new platform will encourage the less-skilled engineers to also build their own AI systems, which some may have only dreamed about in the past.

Google Cloud’s chief scientist of machine learning and AI Fei-Fei Li said, “There are bigger, greater opportunities waiting to be unlocked by AI.” She said that there are probably a million of data scientists all over the world who want to use their AI services. This gave them the reason to also launch and scale out their artificial intelligence system to more people.