Malaysian Agropreneurs May Soon Use IoT in Crops Fertigation


Photo by: Faixal via Pixabay


Entrepreneurs and farmers in Malaysia may soon use special apps and the Internet of Things in crops fertigation, which is the process of injecting fertilizers or chemicals into the irrigation system, as reported by Malaysian Newspaper, The Borneo Post.

According to the daily, Malaysia’s Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas said that farmers may soon just use a smartphone to manage the fertilizer they put in their crops. Aside from that, farmers may also boost their crop production and save costs because of the data readings that they see on their phone.

The Deputy Chief Minister said, “If we want to boost our food production and compete with other countries, we must equip our modern farming community with technologies.” He added that these kinds of technologies are the ones that boost crop production to help them make a profit out of their crops. He also hopes that by applying technology, it will encourage more people to also consider a profession in agriculture.

Ugga is also the Minister of Modern Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development, and has participated in the inspection of the newly installed system of fertigation in Rampangi, Malaysia. On his visit to the site, he shared that he wants to ensure that their IoT system will work at the Sustainable Food Production Centre because it will be their model as to how modern precision agriculture or farming should be.