Cybersecurity Threats, Climate Change Top List of Concerns in Global Risk Report 2018

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Photo By Blue Coat Photos via Flickr

The recent Global Risk Report 2018 published by nonprofit organization World Economic Forum reveals that cybersecurity threats and climate change are their top lists of concerns.

The said report was participated by decision makers and experts across the world who were made to analyze and identify the most pressing risks that are being faced in the world, the Global Risk Report 2018 showed that majority of the respondents foresee the risk increase in the two sectors.

According to the report, there is an increasing threat to cybersecurity. It highlights that in the past five years, the occurrence of cyber attacks towards businesses has already doubled. In 2012, a total of 68 cyber attacks per business was recorded and the number rose in 2017 to 130 cyber attacks per business. The global report also showed that the cost of fixing the cybersecurity breaches increased, too.

The 2018 report also pointed out another major concern, which is climate or environmental change, including biodiversity loss and extreme weather events. The experts also believe that as temperatures around the world increase, it also means a higher possibility of a significant disruption in agricultural systems. This is considering that more than 75 percent of global food comes from plants, said the report. 

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization also estimated that there is a 1-in-a-20 chance in every 10 years that floods, drought, and heat, will lead to global famine.