Mole Mapper App Tracks Possible Cancer

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Photo By  Fæ via Wikimedia Commons

The Oregon Health and Science University’s director of dermatology Dr. Sancy Leachman is currently spearheading the use of a mole app tracker that performs what its label describes. It is a free app that reminds the users to re-check themselves regularly to determine if the mole in their body is cancerous.

Dr. Leachman shared that in a normal routine, they need to take pictures of the parts of the body with moles. Then, they check if the moles change over time. The doctor said that if this power can be placed in the hands of each individual holding a smartphone with a camera, it means that more people can be helped. Dr. Leachman emphasized that if the disease is spotted early, it can also help improve the lives of more people, especially those who are at risk of skin cancer.

“The earlier we catch it, the better off that patient is,” said the doctor. As her special focus is on general dermatology, skin cancers, genetic skin disorders, and melanoma, she claimed that if the cancer is detected later on, it becomes more life-threatening to the patient.

The new phone app, developed by cancer biologist Dan Webster, Ph.D., is now available for iPhones that gather data from different locations to assist the melanoma researchers. On a more personal note, Webster also created the app to help his wife check her moles in between her dermatologist visits.