Meet Kuzzle, a Backend Solution for the Internet of Things


Photo By Boskampi via Pixabay

French backend platform provider Kuzzle is giving people a new scalable  IoT backend solution so they won’t need to develop IoT app from scratch but instead, boost its development.

Kuzzle said that the backend solution is designed to lessen the IoT app development by 40 percent.  It shared that various industries normally have to introduce their digital products to the market in months, considering the project's database, API, search indexes, real-time engine, notifications, and IoT capabilities. With a backend solution, however, it will only just take weeks.

The company notes that the platform comprises multi-device, real-time, geofencing, geocaching, multi-protocol, security, authentic features, and device provisioning. As published on its website, Kuzzle said that “developers should not have to redo the same complex and costly backend tasks with every new project.”

 It said that for the success of digital transformation, it needs to deliver apps in a much faster way than before. As such, they have created the solution with a balance between high-productivity and high control.

Kuzzle highlights that its mission is to help healthcare companies, media publishers, and global banks in speeding up their digital transformation plan to ensure that they no longer have to waste their time in creating the whole web app, IoT apps, or mobile apps from scratch.