New App Helps Diabetes Sufferers in Making Right Choices for their Health

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Photo By CC0 Public Domain via Max Pixel

Copenhagen’s Center for Diabetes introduced a new free phone app called LIVA that is created for people with diabetes to make their lives more easier.

Developed by the Denmark team, the app enables the users to put the goals that they wanted to achieve, such as their blood sugar level, cholesterol and blood pressure, exercise, and food. Once the goals are entered, LIVA will then help users keep track of their progress with the help of the center.

Users can also communicate with an advisor from the center either through a video or text messages, depending on what suits the user. The developers believe that the app is especially helpful for people with type 2 diabetes because they can keep track of their health even if they don’t regularly visit the Center for Diabetes.

Center for Diabetes’ head Charlotte Glümer said, “The special thing about LIVA compared to other health apps is that you have a personal advisor who keeps an eye on your progress.” Glümer adds that the said advisor will also be the person who will motivate the user to reach their desired goal, increasing the chance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Various municipalities in Denmark have also started encouraging the usage of the app.