Run Window Apps on Your Android with Wine 3.0

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Photo By  JÉSHOOTS via Pexels

Windows compatibility layer Wine has just released a new version that will allow users to run Windows apps via smartphones.

Wine app developer Codeweavers announced that they have been working on the project for quite a long time, but Wine 3.0 is finally ready as an app. Once installed on the smartphone, users will be able to view the full-screen display like Windows on a PC. The developers claimed that it will support the basic graphics and audio. Even users can also see the Windows start menu on their phone.

Codeweavers said that as a compatibility layer, it does not totally support the smartphones with ARM processors. However, they guarantee that it will function well with the Android-x86 operating system.

The development team also shared that there are about 6,000 changes made to the newer version of Wine. These changes are the result of a year of hard work, said the team. Aside from the banner compatibility, Wine also provides Direct3D 11 and 10 support, Android graphics driver, Direct2D support, DirectWrite, and Direct3D command stream.

Wine was originally released in 1993 and became one of the most well-known programs on the platform. It has benefited from Google sponsorship, which also paid the Codeweavers to fix some bugs so that image viewer and organizer Picasa will also function on Linux software.