KFC's New Techy Promo: Chicken Wing Box can Be Turned into a Bluetooth Drone


Photo by: mikegi via Pixabay


Fast food restaurant company Kentucky Fried Chicken loves gadget-themed PR stunts. Recently, they have announced yet another tech gimmick called Kentucky Flying Object or KFO. It encourages buyers to order a limited edition of chicken box wings and once they finish the meal, they can deconstruct their box as a Bluetooth drone.

KFC introduced their chicken box via YouTube commercial, revealing a box that can be assembled into a functional Bluetooth drone. “There are two kinds of wings in the world. The ones you fly with, and the ones you relish,” says the ad, referring to drone wings and chicken wings respectively.

Based on the KFC video, the process of assembling the drone requires putting together the KFO board, LED, battery, and the four rotors that will be attached to the flying object. The company also recommends that users will first have to charge the battery for 30 minutes before flying the drone. They also said that users should be mindful if they are to operate it during windy weather.

KFC stated that the boxes will be made available to the public on the 25th and 26th of January.

The company's past displays of gadget-themed PR includes a meal box that charges a phone. KFC India called it “Watt a Box” and offered it as part of their 5-in-1 meal.