Tesla’s Model S in Autopilot Mode Crashes into Firetruck


Photo Credit via Wikimedia Commons


Tesla’s autopilot technology may have caused a recent accident that involved the model S. The automobile was cruising the 405 freeway at the speed of 65 miles per hours when it crashed into the rear part of a firetruck that was on the same road. The driver of the Model S told the authorities that the car was on autopilot, according to CBS. Fortunately, the driver was not harmed in the incident.

However, the United States National Transportation Safety Board will conduct an investigation into the incident. The agency will assign two investigators to conduct a field inquiry of the crash, determine the actions of the driver, and find out how the Model S performed.

The maker of the involved vehicle, Tesla, stated that the autopilot system is “intended for use only with a fully attentive driver.” Moreover, the company has taken the necessary steps to educate drivers on how to handle vehicles with autopilot features. Some of the tutorials the company presented were keeping the hands on the steering wheel and being prepared to take control when needed.

This is the second crash-related accident associated with the Model S, in which the first incident happened in Florida.

Aside from autopilot, Tesla S has full 14 three-position LED adaptive headlamps that can increase visibility at night. It also features a bio-weapon defense mode that filters the air to remove up to 99 percent of particulates from pollution, allergens, bacteria, and other air contaminants.