IoT Useful in Tracking Government-owned Vehicles


Photo By  qimono via Pixabay

Northeastern US state Pennsylvania is utilizing real-time analytics and the Internet of Things to track its 5,000 state vehicles.

In a joint press release with IoT company CalAmp, the state revealed that they are improving their operations through monitoring and better data collection. The IoT Solution named FleetOutlook will provide Pennsylvania with real-time access to their vehicle fleets within the central dashboards built in the vehicles. These dashboards will monitor the vehicle’s driving routes and status.

The state’s Bureau of Vehicle Management James Fiore said, “We believe FleetOutlook’s reporting, analysis, and management features will complement our current systems.” Fiore adds that the IoT solution will also help them gather and analyze data in order to assist in creating improvement decisions with regards to utilization of their state fleet for safer operation and for saving the cost of fuel.

Every upgraded vehicle will be linked to the GPS and will transmit back to the agencies all the data that is recorded. Fiore explained that the vehicle tracking ability will correct the state planners to further improve vehicle use and routes.

The state highlights that by monitoring the government-owned vehicles, it will prevent accidents and theft. The IoT tool will also help the government to quickly send maintenance support or emergency workers.