Apple Software Update to Reveal Details of iPhones’ Battery Health

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Photo by: Masaru Suzuki via Flickr


Apple announced that it will give iPhone owners the details about the health of their gadgets’ batteries, reversing the company’s previous refusal of making such details available directly on iPads and iPhones.

The American technology company claimed that a new update to their operating system will reveal the phone’s present battery health. Also, it will recommend if the battery already needs a replacement. Apple adds that users have the option to turn off a piece of the software that causes the phone’s slow performance.

In December, Apple acknowledged that its iOS software sometimes slows the phones with weak batteries and they have also extended its apology to consumers, along with the lowering of the price of battery replacements for phones that are affected.

There is no specific date yet when the software update will be available.

Repair advocates have long been criticizing technology companies like Apple for creating batteries that make it hard for phone users to replace or access. Apple has also been fighting for the proposed “right to repair” legislation, which would make it easier for consumers to fix their electronics, in various US states. If passed, it would require electronics companies to sell their replacement tools and parts to the public and prohibit the restrict repairs and software locks.