Walmart Enters Business of Selling e-Readers


Photo by: andsleonardo via Flickr


Readers are sure to rejoic as retail company Walmart enters the business of selling eBooks, audiobooks, and eReaders. The said online retailer will be collaborating with Japanese e-commerce and internet company Rakuten to allow the US retail company to be the exclusive retailer of Kobo e-readers, according to a business news site, Business Insider.

Walmart will commence selling the Aura-branded eReaders online and in stores. This gadget made by Kobo is one of the biggest competitors of Amazon Kindle, a series of e-readers by Amazon. Walmart will also reportedly provide customers with an access to Kobo’s huge library that stores about six million titles and has gathered a total of 30,000 publishers, said Rakuten Kobo’s CEO Michael Tamblyn.

With the use of a co-branded app called Walmart-Kobo, customers can access the available audiobooks and ebooks. This app can be installed not only on Kobo’s eReaders but also on smartphones and desktop computers.

Tamblyn said, “We’re really looking forward to growing our audience through this partnership.” Meanwhile, Walmart’s Chief Revenue Officer Scott Hilton wrote about the partnership in a blog post. He said, “Customers will be able to buy these versions as well as the physical book while shopping for their favorite titles,” referring to the audiobook and ebook offering.

Aside from bringing ebooks in the US, the two companies will also offer grocery delivery service in Japan. It will be offered through Seiyu, the Japanese subsidiary of Walmart.