Expansion of Medicaid Pushed

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Michigan Seeking Help From Washington


Monday in Michigan health care providers and state officials are calling on lawmakers in Washington to help keep the state’s Medicaid expansion plan.

From the state budget director to doctors across the board they are sending a clear message that they want to keep the Healthy MichiganMedicaid expansion.  For this to happen the federal government will have to pay for the program.

As of now plans out of Washington are contradictory to Michigan’s desires.

Director of the Michigan Department of health and Human Services, Nick Lyon says there are improvements that can be made to health care coverage. But the state’s main concern is keeping the Healthy Michigan expansion.  “Not only is it valuable to us from a budgetary perspective, it lower the cost long term,” he said. “But also, it gets people the help and care they need before it turns into an urgent situation where they’re in ER.” He also said Medicaid expansion also helps the economy by keeping people healthy and working.

The medical director at Care Free Medical, which provides various medical treatments to people with limited access to health care and relies on the expansion Dr. Farhan Bhatti says “What Care Free looks like, hinges on what happens at the federal level.”

Al Pscholka State Budget Director says part of the problem is that people do not understand how it (Medicaid) works. Saying “I think there’s a lot of misinformation out there, once you actually study the policy and understand how it works, it makes a lot of sense to get people healthy.”

A total of 680,000 people are enrolled in Healthy Michigan, half of them did so of their own volition.


Photo Source: Matt H. Wade / Wikimedia Commons